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SWEAG Software Escrow AG is the leading Swiss software escrow agent since 1992. A large number of major national and international companies from the banking, pharmaceutical, insurance, and other sectors, as well as well-known manufacturers and system integrators, are among our satisfied customers. The public sector (Confederation, cantons, municipalities) also entrust themselves to us. We also offer simple tailor-made solutions for SMEs.

Our software escrow products as well as the corresponding software escrow agreements have been developed in cooperation with accredited specialist lawyers and have already proven their worth in court proceedings for the release of software. The physical security of your deposited source codes is guaranteed by safes of security level EN3.

Daniel Petazzi


lic.iur. Daniel Petazzi advises and litigates as an independent lawyer for private individuals, companies and public authorities as an expert in IT law. He has been managing SWEAG Software Escrow AG since 2007.

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