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Software producers as well as licensees invest a lot of time and money in the development of software or the evaluation and operation of a software product. While the software producer is interested in protecting the software he has developed, the licensee wants to protect himself as best as possible against the failure of the software in use, on which his business depends. The focus here is on the unpublished source code, without which long-term operation of the software is not possible.

Secure and neutral storage of:

  • software source codes (including updates)
  • development documentation (plans, protocols, etc.)
  • system documentation (technical and application instructions, programme descriptions)
  • other documents and contracts that need to be safeguarded

Release of the deposited object upon occurrence of the defined release event such as:

  • default of a contracting party (bankruptcy, closure of business, etc.)
  • defective performance of the underlying transaction (e.g. licence, maintenance)
  • in other case-specific scenarios

Additional Services:

  • provision of customised software escrow agreements
  • expert legal advice on all software escrow matters
  • examination of the deposited object by independent experts
  • convening of arbitration tribunals in the event of disputes in connection with the release of deposited objects

Step 1

For more information, please contact us or have your software supplier contact us. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right solution.

Step 2

We create the software escrow agreement according to your needs in connection with the source code and other escrow items.

Step 3

We guarantee the protected storage and availability of the source code, software updates and other deposited items.

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We will be happy to advise you personally in order to demonstrate the software escrow solution tailored to your needs.

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