Software Manufacturer

The software manufacturer is increasingly confronted with demands for security from customers or distribution partners. With the help of SWEAG software escrow services, he can satisfy such customer requests easily and quickly. The software producer can choose between an individualised deposit for the specific customer or a deposit of his standard product for the benefit of a numerically indeterminate and at any time expandable group of customers, without disclosing the source code.

Software escrow solutions from SWEAG meet the needs of the software manufacturer

As a software manufacturer you have:

  • invested capital and know-how in your software developments
  • increased customer demands regarding source code access to be met

Our answer:

  • SWEAG offers individualised deposits of the source code for each of your customers separately, especially in the case of customised software developments.
  • SWEAG also offers multiple deposits for a customer base that can be expanded at any time, for example, in the case of standard software.

As a software manufacturer you want to:

  • protect your intellectual property
  • meet your customers’ security needs easily and quickly
  • increase your trustworthiness as a software provider

Your advantages:

  • increased trust of your customers through neutral and professional deposit of the source code with SWEAG
  • simple, standardised procedure established by SWEAG for the release of the source code
  • protection of your intellectual property, through fiduciary ownership of SWEAG as protection against third-party access
  • compliance with ISO 9001 requirements


The system integrator can benefit from SWEAG services in two ways. As a general contractor, he must provide guarantees for the products of his software subcontractors, which he can only assume in a negligent manner without appropriate access to the source code of the software used. In addition, a system integrator is confronted with the same needs on the part of the licensees as a software manufacturer, but in a potentiated form due to the nature of the business and especially with regard to its value of interest.

Software Escrow for the System Integrator

As a system integrator (IT general contractor) you have:

  • full responsibility for the performance of your subcontractors
  • major customers with particularly high and long-term security needs

Our answer:

  • customised, established software escrow solutions from SWEAG for general contractors and their major customers.

As an IT general contractor, you want to:

  • have access to the source code of your subcontractors if necessary
  • offer your customers a long-term benefit of the IT solution

Your advantages:

  • the realisation of the IT solution is independent of the failure of a subcontractor
  • creation of a strategic position for success

Who has control over the contents of the depository object?

In the software escrow agreement, the beneficiary is regularly granted the right to check the content of the object of deposit together with the software producer as depositor. SWEAG only examines the object of deposit in terms of number and external appearance. SWEAG does not check the content of the object of deposit, as SWEAG does not have the necessary test or production environment for a material check. At the request of the parties, however, SWEAG offers support for the handling of a code review.


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